Vast plains of black stones; wadis (rivers or streams) bordered by lush palm-tree oases; spectacular folded mountains, breathtaking gold and white sand dunes – the Moroccan desert offers some of the Sahara’s most spell-binding landscapes!

Let us take you on the trip of a lifetime, and show you first hand what it’s like to live in this extraordinary land. Meet its inhabitants – the nomads who weave their tents from black goat’s hair, the village settlers who build their homes of mud. Discover a unique world of arts and crafts – and go hunting for some of the world’s most unique fossils.

Ethnistory tours are planned in consultation with our expert local guide, an Aït Kebbach tribesman named Lahcen Aït Khouya. With his help, we can put together an expedition to suit every wish, any length of holiday – commencing at your airport of choice. You will be travelling in comfortable 4x4 vehicles (Toyota Land Cruisers), staying and eating in small places along the way, sometimes lodging as paying guests in private homes – a chance to live as desert dwellers do.

Outlined below are three different options for discovering the desert by car. For simplicity’s sake we assume the point of departure is Taroudant (Agadir airport) but it could equally be Marrakech or Ouarzazate.

Route 1

Erg Chegaga safari
Outward journey via the eastern Anti-Atlas, return via the southern slope of Mount Siroua.

Duration :
3 days (2 nights)

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Route 2

Erg Chebbi safari
Outward journey via the southern slope of Mount Siroua, the Drâa valley, the Kem-Kem plateau (hamada). Return via the Djebel Saghro (a mountain range just north of the Sahara desert).

Duration :
5 days (4 nights)

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Route 3

Moroccan giant dunes safari: Erg Chegaga and Erg Chebbi
Outward journey via eastern Anti Atlas, return via Drâa Valley

Duration :
6 days (5 nights)

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