tribal rugs

For some twenty years now, we have been scouring Morocco in search of textiles. For the past three years, we have concentrated on the most arid parts of the desert, and formed lasting relationships with extraordinary women weavers. We attach great importance to the specific origins of our carpets, each individual piece representing the personal handiwork of one particular woman. Every carpet is therefore attributed to the woman who wove it. Some of the revenue raised through sales goes to help villages or families in difficulty.

The carpets we offer come from from the Drâa and Tafilalet régions of Morocco, and particularly from the Kem-Kem plateau (or ‘hamada’)’ close to the Algerian border. The women who wove them belong to a variety of ethnic groups – mostly the Aït Khebbach Berber tribebut also the Aït Atta Berber confederation, the Alaouite Arab people, the Berber-speaking Ismkhanes (a dark-skinned people, probably of Sudanese slave ancestry) and the Imlouanes (a mixed-race ethnic group living in villages apart from Berber communities).

All of our carpets are designed for domestic use, serving mainly as sleeping rugs in tents and mud houses. Our collection runs to several hundred pieces, which are now available to buy for the very first time.

We offer preferential rates for purchases of 10 carpets or more. Should you wish to arrange temporary exhibitions in galleries, we would be delighted to help.

Our prices are quoted inclusive of tax but excluding transportation costs. Contact us for the exact price of your purchase.

Mail order sales of carpets to individual customers are suspended until the end of the year. For bulk orders, please contact us directly to know what is available.

But don’t despair! You will find a rich sélection of desert carpets on sale at our upcoming exhibitions:
COULEURS DESERT, Musée Bellerive, Zürich (Switzerland), 2 September 2016 to 29 January 2017. Carpets are available from the museum shop.

The Galerie La Forêt de Lucia, Brussels (Belgium), 6-22 October 2016.

The galerie 19 Paul Fort, Paris (France),17-27 November 2016.