"Morocco, desert colors", the new exhibition Ethnistory coproduced with Bargoin Museum, City of Clermont-Ferrand.
In the aridity of the sand and stone of the Sahara,a Moroccan tribe reveals the exceptional talent of its weavers. Since the 1980’s, rugs, pillows and blankets are woven with recycled wool which gives these women anunimaginable range of colors.

Essential items in the tent or mudhouses, these textiles are used as sleeping mats for the whole family. For the first time, Aït Khebbach rugs have emerged from the desert. Shown with portraits of some of the tribal weavers photographed by Serge Anton, the exhibition is an invitation to meet the weavers and discover their surprisingly modern creations.

Museu Textil, Terrassa (Barcelona)

November 16, 2014 to March 15, 2014

Soon, near Barcelona

Through the 130 textiles exhibited, shown with the portraits of the weavers who created them, we’re plunged directly into the heart of this contemporary Moroccan production, into the universe of these women, their lives, their interiors. Through their weavings, they reveal some of themselves, and the immersion is complete when the visitors hear their laughter and conversations, and watcht heir evolution in their own environment through the sound recordings and videos taken during the various collecting campaigns.



This is a traveling exhibition and can be shown, in part or in whole, in a museum or any other cultural space.
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(bilingual book in French / English).
As the first book on contemporary Ait Khebbach rugs and textiles, this book offers a journey through the Eastern Desert of Morocco through superb photographs of the villages, tents and mud houses, stunning portraits of the weavers, and an inventory of the first woven rugs made by these women.

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